Standard Editing

Book and article editingnonfiction—MEB Consultants offers complete services for nonfiction books and shorter pieces (see below).  Depending on the level of expertise required, these could range from line editing to ghostwriting. Ultimately our commitment is to bring each manuscript to publishable standards.
Novel and short story editingfiction—All levels of service will be provided to the fiction writer.

My services include:
1.  Copy Editing. Checking the manuscript for stylistic inconsistencies, problems with transitions, repetitive or vague language, comprehensibility, etc., as well as proofreading.
2. Content Editing. This is a more thorough pass through the manuscript that may include suggesting extensive rewriting to authors so they may meet their goals.
3. Developmental Editing. Providing more extensive assistance to a writer who may have the germ of a good idea but who is not too certain how to proceed. In the case of nonfiction books, developmental editing may include research as well. Developmental editing for writers of fiction would include assistance with plot development and characterization.
4. Ghostwriting involves writing the entire piece working from someone else’s conception. The customer gets the credit for the finished product.