“Timely work that was thorough and insightful. Provider’s experience shows in the depth of comments provided in the critique, and in many excellent suggestions.”—Marta Tanrikulu, Developmental Editor and Author, “Uncontrolled Experiments.”


“Mary Burt is a writer and editor able to strengthen the structure of a work, whether it’s academic or creative, and whether what’s needed is filling in bare spots or trimming unnecessary verbiage. Her talent at seeing both fine details and the larger scope make her a very competent ghostwriter, who can either take on the voice of the author of a draft or accurately reflect back what’s gleaned from other sources, like notes and interviews.”—Marta Tanrikulu, owner of TanMar Editorial (http://tanmar.biz)




“Mary, thank you for your wonderful editing and advice. Many of your comments and suggestions provided me with the impetus and insight to make crucial rewrites and clarifications in various sections of the book. You are a consummate professional. God bless you and may you have continued success.”—Rabbi Moshe Averick, Nonsense of a High Order. Tradition and Reason Press, 2010.


“Dear Mary, your proposal on strengthening the structure of my book in its specifics and its overall structure is very well done. The most cogent suggestion that you made is moving my spiritual statement closer to the beginning. That fact alone is helping me give a subtitle to the book, something like “The Spiritual Implications of a Unified View of Life.” Because of this perceptiveness on your part, I will be able to strengthen that outlook in my book as a whole. Also your suggestion that I locate a short summary of my book at the outset of the Introduction has considerable merit and I will do so. Overall your system and your acute perceptions of both detail and structural corrections will significantly improve my book. Gratefully, John Giannini, Jungian Analyst.”



Mary was able to streamline and make our web site more readable. Her work is a tremendous asset to any company who is looking to clean up their web site, or other documentation.

Ed Werzyn
Project Manager


Mary arranged over 500 unpublished poems into meaningful categories before compiling them into one document. She then formatted the document and made the necessary corrections so that it is now a publishable book with a searchable table of contents. Her years of experience exhibited professionalism and an ability to work expediently. Also her willingness to sit down with me and explain the way she had organized my friends’ poems was most helpful. Laura Burt, fundraiser.


I am excited about your approach and about meeting with you in the near future.

Many blessings to you Mary, you are a great support! Writing books can be a little heart wrenching! PJ (P. J. Boone-Edgerton Longoni)