About Me


Hi, I’m Mary E. Burt, your silent book genie, and I’m here to help you finish the book you always wanted to write.

Are you frustrated because you can’t get your message out to the world? Have you ever said to yourself, “I don’t want to die with my book unwritten!”

Have you lain awake at night worrying, “Is it good enough?”

Right now your book is going nowhere. If you’re yearning to get it written already, give me a call!

Stuff you didn’t know about me:

  • I write myself, and I can be there for you.
  • I have a “good eye.” Together, we can fix any and all mistakes.
  • I love working with aspiring authors from all sorts of fields, from scholars to business people to novelists.
  • I’ve earned my academic chops.
  • A former business law editor, I keep up with the business community.

As the owner of MEB Consultants, LLC, Mary’s editing credits to date include a nonfiction work dealing with the creation of the cosmos. She has had several short stories published. Mary garnered her professional editing credentials in Chicago, where she worked at the AMA, ABA, Commerce Clearing House, now known simply as CCH, and several newspapers. She is a certified ghost writer.