What I Can Do for You:


  1. Basic Copy Editing. I’ll check your manuscript for stylistic inconsistencies.
  2. In-Depth Copy Editing. I’ll check your manuscript so you can make more of an impact.
  3. Content Editing. An even more thorough pass through the manuscript that will make it many times more effective.
  4. Developmental Editing.  With nonfiction books, this type of editing may include research. For fiction writers, this would include assistance with plot development and characterization.
  5. Ghost Writing. Working from your conception. You get the credit for the finished product.

Six Characteristics of an Effective Ghostwriter

As an effective ghostwriter, I will:

  1. Look for the gold in every manuscript. There’s a nugget hiding in your pages or in your reminiscences. Perhaps the treasure lies in plain sight, or we may have to do a little digging. I, as your ghostwriter, have as my primary goal finding, bringing out, and showing off this valuable content so your book, story, or article can become its best possible version of itself.
  2. Be discreet to the point of paranoia. I cannot and I will not divulge the contents of your manuscript, story, or story idea without your express permission to do so.
  3. Be kind, and be on time. I see courtesy as my middle name when dealing with clients (and with others as well, hopefully). I owe it to my clients to be polite, but that doesn’t mean I cannot be frank. I must be honest with them about their writing. For, in whatever form it takes, our writing is apt to expose our vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Criticism given in a kind and courteous way doesn’t hurt so deeply, it is to be hoped.
  4. See myself as a cheerleader, as a coach who may become one of the most important people your life. You need someone on your side, a person who is dedicated to bringing out your best. It may be a bit below being a therapist, but still . . . .
  5. Of course an excellent writer and editor. That goes without saying. I can look at a mish-mash of pages or transcripts and somehow make sense of them. I can organize the writing into a readable entity that will make sense to eventual readers and be enjoyable, if that is the goal. Otherwise, at least with scholarly or business writing, have its message resonate clearly with its target audience.
  6. Believe in the project. Believe in the project. Believe in the project.